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Welcome to Proprietā Privata
Tuesday, 15 April 2008
PROPRIETÀ PRIVATA, an international agency with headquarter in Italy originated from the union of a stable and ripe experience in immovables and tourist sector. Our interest is directed on all those areas with confirmed interest in immovables possibilities and which know how to combine a big natural attraction and panorama. Like CAPE VERDE, BRAZIL AND SARDENIEN. Who wants to buy abroad a house or wants to acquire a second house in certain amusing Italian areas to living or for a source of income, finds the ideal interlocutor in PROPRIETÀ PRIVATA. Our purpose is to be granted it to the customers a global consultation and a personal care in all steps of the acquisition, offering legal, fiscal and administrative support. {slide=Read all}  To invest in immovable properties represents today one of the most effective manners to put to the shelter the own money and to put on it gainful.  Flats, penthouses, villas that for quality of finishes, location, architectural context and ability of reassessment make really the investments reliable in the “brick aside” of the one who wants to use well the own money. Our work is also that of following our clients not only in the phase of evaluation and purchase of the buildings, but it continues also subsequently supplying assistance in the organization of the journeys and additional services to be able to enjoy at best the made investment. SERVICES: We will accompany you on the choice of the resort and of the typology of the building fittest for your demands. We offer you council during all phases of the hereditary inheritance and also afterwards during the unused time with the operating expenses. We give to you the possibility to visit the real estate before the acquisition in the elective area, used after the formula "FLY AND BUY ". {/slide}   Details...



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